Dock Building & Repair Services

Here at Gold Star Marine Service we offer Professional dock building, industrial bulkheading, beach stairs, custom floating docks and ramps and gang ways, fixed piers over marsh lands and walkways. As well as Piling installation, bulkhead refacing, Jet Ski docks, storm damage repairs on bulkheads, docks, walkways and ramps. Decorate and industrial wood retaining walls, custom board walks, finger docks, low profile custom docks.

In addition to our docks we offer prefab walkways for you do it yourselfers & pervade barge service for small repair jobs.

All docks can be delivered by water and hooked up on delivery.

We can also custom build docks and ramps and deliver them out of state. Our out of state delivery is prompt and on time. Give us a call today or send us an email for more information.